I beat a game for once! Titanfall 2 by Steele Walston

B-T and Jack Cooper totally stoked at beating Titanfall 2 

Its been a long time since I beat a video game that didn't have Zelda in the title. I Made a decision last December to dedicate a little more of my time to playing games and getting back into the gaming community. I have been playing video games since the NES and I drifted away from in during college so it's nice to be back.

Titanfall 2 is the first game I've completed since then and I had a really good time with it. I only played the single player campaign since I don't enjoy online shooters that much. The campaign was really satisfying, with a great mix of gameplay styles to hold any monotony at bay. The obvious gameplay differences is between your character on foot versus in your mech, but I thought using the time travel mechanic to platform through the world was the most intriguing. While in the mech I found some of the mechanics hard to master due to all the different load outs but I can imagine in consistent online play this wouldn't be a problem. On top of all this it was very well paced and the time it took to beat was a good length without getting boring or feeling too difficult. Looked beautiful and deserves a 9/10 for sure.