Steele Walston is a visual artist working within portraiture. His portraits combine a fine arts and illustrative approach. His work is primarily produced using alcohol based marker ink. 

He received a BFA from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2013. He continues to live and work in Portland, OR. 


2018 — Emergence, Guild Mortgage Building. Portland, OR
2018 — New works by Steele Walston, Jailhouse Studios, Portland, OR
2017 — Steele Walston. Kiss Kiss Salon, Portland, OR
2017 — Steele Walston, Tanner Goods, Portland, OR
2016 — Steele Walston, Ristretto Williams, Portland, OR
2015 — Self Similar, Leftbank Space, Portland, OR
2015 — OCAC Alumni Show, Hoffman Gallery, Portland, OR
2014 — Perfect/Not So Perfect, Redstar Hotel, Portland, OR
2014 — OCAC Alumni Show, Hoffman Gallery, Portland OR
2013 — Recent Graduates Exhibition, Gabel Center Theater, Portland, OR
2013 — Recent Graduates Exhibition, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR
2013 — 31:13, Thesis Exit Show, Portland, OR
2013 — Orals Defense Exhibition, Hoffman Gallery, Portland, OR
2013 — Stendhal Syndrome, Eutectic Gallery, Portland, OR



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2016--Eleven Magazine, January 2016 Issue 1